Monday, 19 December 2011

Superman IV - The Quest For Peace - Paul Fishman's Rare Music

If you've ever watched Superman IV, you might recall the funky gym workout music that plays with the immortal "no pain, no gain" uttered by Christopher Reeve.  This music forms part of several music tracks composed by Paul Fishman specifically for the movie, some of which ended up completely removed when the final film was released.

None of this music was available for more than 20 odd years until Film Score Monthly released the 8 Disc complete score set for the Christopher Reeve Superman series.

There are several great tracks, about eight in total, and include some great instrumental music, including the song "Life's Too Dangerous" which was supposed to appear during a deleted scene.  The only way to get this music is to buy the complete eight disc set, but it is worth every penny, as you not only get this music, you get the complete scores and songs for all four Superman movies.

This is great rare synthesizer music which any vintage fan will enjoy.  It is too bad some of these were cut from the final film, but at least the music is finally available.

The Paul Fishman songs are on Disc 6 of the set.

Superfly Guy 4:11
Headphone Heaven 3:23
Revolution Now 4:26
Saxy Sadie 4:47
Krypton Nights 4:44
Life's Too Dangerous 3:14
Workout 2:27 
Lois Love 4:56

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