Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Retro Score Review - Teen Wolf (1985) - Miles Goodman

For the first retro review, it is Teen Wolf from 1985. This movie was originally filmed before Back To The Future, and was released shortly after that to capitalise on the success of Michael J Fox as the lead actor.

The plot is ridiculous, a high school basketball player turns into a wolf and nobody bats an eyelid, but that is the charm of the 80s. Its funny, ridiculous, hillarious and has great moments throughout.

Miles Goodman composed the music for the movie and all of the songs. They have a distinctive sound throughout, with guitars, synths and gated drums.

The soundtrack however only consists of 9 tracks, with lots of score being absent. It was released on CD and Vinyl in 1985 on the Metronome label in Japan, and in Germany. Since then, there has been no re release or expanded version, which is surprising given the movie has a cult following.

Some of the key tracks missing are as follows:

Miles Goodman's instrumental rendition of "Staying Alive" composed in the synth fashion of the rest of the soundtrack.

Interlude score pieces, such as Beer Keg scenes.

The Wolf Dance opening score at the high school dance. This funky jam is a percussive heavy track making use of the Linndrum and some groovy bass.

The alternate "Big Bad Wolf" song. On the CD and Vinyl releases, this song sounds different due to the drums and vocals being used. In the movie version, different vocals and drums are used and it sounds sufficiently different.

Given that the songs only take up around half an hour, it would be easy to include everything on an expanded release. It may be likely that Intrada, La La Land or Perseverance Records may do a release.

1. Flesh On Fire James House

This is a fantastic song, great galloping guitar, synths and a vintage 80s melody. Linndrum percussion throughout this track. One of the best of the decade.

2. Big Bad Wolf The Wolf Sisters

This is a funky track, with vocoder and again percussion heavy with the Linndrum.
The movie version is slightly different with an unreleased intro and alternate drums and vocals.

3. Win In The End Mark Safan

The iconic theme from the end basketball game. Not much is known about Mark Safan, but the track is a perfect end to a satisfying 80s movie.

4. Shootin' For The Moon Amy Holland

A great theme, making use of the DX7 and Miles Goodman's talents for orchestral themes.

5. Silhouette David Palmer

This is the track played during the house party, and is visuallised perfectly on screen through Scott Howard slashing his way into his female friend Boof!

6. Way To Go Mark Vieha

Another classic played during the halfway point of the movie showcasing how Scott Howard as the Wolf is helping win all their games. The music matches the hilarity of the onscreen action.

7. Good News David Morgan

A great song, buried in the background before the wolf dance.

8. Transformation Miles Goodman (instrumental)

Probably the most recognised song in the movie, this is the key instrumental music for Scott Howard's first transformation at home. Absolute perfection.

9. Boof Miles Goodman (instrumental)

A great interlude, and uses the melody from Shooting from the moon to great effect.


  1. Love this soundtrack. Yeah, it sucks that the entire score hasn't ever been released officially. I have hope though. I never thought the full scores to films like Rocky 4, Bloodsport, or Kickboxer would ever get released, but they did. Sure they were limited releases, but they ARE available. Now if only this films' score, as well as Top Gun's full score (done by the ever so talented Harold Faltermeyer) then I'd say the 80's soundtrack of my life would be fully complete.

  2. Whats the song calles from the first party scene it goes shake it shake it but try not to break it....

  3. I love this movie and soundtrack. I have found MP3's probably taken from the movie for most of the songs. If an official version was released, in print, and affordable I would buy it in a heartbeat. It's awesome that all of these songs were made specifically for the film - at least from what I can tell - yet it feels like a good mixture, same-y, but different.

    The only other great soundtrack question I would like answered - where is Mick Smiley whose song Magic is on The Ghostbusters soundtrack? That song is amazing. I don't think you can do one song like that and not at least have a few more good ones.

    1. I agree, I would buy the official version as well!

  4. Guys ought to make several new comedy 'Teen Wolf' sequels and do more practical make-up transformation special effects.