Monday, 19 December 2011

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home Expanded Edition Release

If you love your Star Trek scores, then the expanded release of Star Trek IV The Voyage Home by Leonard Rosenman on Intrada Records is one to get to complete the collection.  Several of the other movie scores by James Horner have already been re released in expanded form, and this one is another great edition.

This was the only Trek score by Rosenman, but it suited the movie rather well, what with it taking place in 1986 in San Fransisco and was rather more comedic than other adventures before or after. It also includes the infamous song " I Hate You" by Kirk Thatcher, played on the boombox by the hilarious punk on the bus!

Overall, this is a great score, in the days of when an orchestral score was actually fit for purpose to describe the action on the big screen.

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