Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lost Classics - Keta Bill - Hold On (1987) - Beverly Hills Cop 2 - Hef Loves It

Another lost classic, it beggars belief how this one has never been released, given the fact it features during the infamous Playboy mansion scene in Beverly Hills Cop 2.  This is the original version of "Hold On" by Keta Bill which is a million times better than the Corey Hart version.

You can picture the funny guy in the tuxedo pulling off his hilarious dance moves with the playboy bunnies while Axel tells his pals to follow their dicks and find the bad guys.  Even the dirty old Hef makes a cameo in this classic piece of cinematic extravagance.

Both versions are featured in the movie, you can even hear Corey Hart's version very faintly during one of the scenes with the 3 main characters.

As to why this legendary classic has never been released remains a mystery.  The best song from the movie and its not even on the soundtrack.  Worse than that, none of Harold Faltermeyer's scores have been released for either the first or second movie which is unnacceptable.

Anyway, enjoy this lost classic, its not perfect quality, but Keta Bill herself gave this out a few years back, so the fact we even have this is a miracle in itself.


  1. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to the person who made this page and provided the link to the MP3. I am from India and I was looking for this song........ and I found it here. GREAT SONG. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  2. I cannot believe this was available!!! I cannot thank you enough! I've searched high and low for this song ever since the movie came out in '87! Thank you!