Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fright Night 2011 Comic Con Panel & Interviews

It looks like Colin Farrell loves his remakes. Not only is he in Fright Night, he is also in Total Recall, and did both panels at Comic Con 2011.  The original Jerry Dandridge also has a cameo in this new remake.  Watch the interview with Chris Sarandon for more information.  No information though on what the music score sounds like though, so let's wait and see.  It does sound like that they have incorporated some homages to the original in this remake so it may turn out better than expected, but you never know, as Sidney Prescott says in Scream 4 to the villian, "You forgot the first rule of remakes: Don't fuck with the original".  Nevertheless, this movie has got the legendary David Tennant aka Doctor Who so its bound to be good whenever he is on screen.

Check out these videos.

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