Sunday, 15 May 2011

Romina Danielson - Passion (1988) - Definition of 80s

One of the rare cuts from the late 80s.  Great synths, and with a coked out video, this is the way to do it in style.

According to one of the people who filmed this, the story goes like this!

"I was the Director of Photography on this 80's music video mullet-headed awesomeness. The guy in the video is Jerry Buss' son-- ala the owner of the Lakers. Shooting the shower scene I kept saying she had to cover up her boobies but she kept forgetting and exposing herself. This was a godsend for me. I had just moved back to LA from NY, had no car, no home and $37 in my pocket. This job just fell in my lap and paid $3000 a day. Bam! I was back in business, just like that."

"I only met her on the set and only saw her during the 2-day shoot. I suspect she found some gold somewhere and is digging a cozy life. It was so wacky how that puny video encapsulated every aspect of the 80's-- bad hair, gaudy clothing, cheezy music, coke snorting, off-screen break dancing for some reason, tacky cars and noses stuck high in the air."

Half the extras kept retreating to a room to snort coke; chez 80's. Romina was the reason Joan Collins divorced her husband at the time, famously fainting on the witness stand during the highly publicized trial. She hated everyone on the set and loudly said so. She pointed at me and said in her thick accent, "This wonderful man is the only one I like!" Good times...

Good times indeed!

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  1. I cannot possibly feel any more 1988 after viewing that.