Friday, 13 May 2011

Fright Night 2011 Trailer Bites You, Is it any good?

The trailer for the new remake of Fright Night has just been released.

It stars Colin Farrell as Jerry Dandridge and Anton Yelchin as Charlie Brewster, with the infamous Evil Ed played by McLovin (Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse).  Judging from the trailer, it looks dark, serious and has some nice location settings in there.  There isn't much showcase of Peter Vincent who is now played by David Tennant (Dr Who), who apparently is a Criss Angel type magician rather than an old TV host.

I like that they have used the original logo and font for this remake, at least the designer had good taste to realise they couldn't improve upon perfection! You can see how it holds up well today.  It's a lot better than the generic fonts they've been using on so many remakes of classic movies.  You can see the original one from 1985 below which is virtually indentical. 

Overall, we're not going to expect any of Brad Fiedel's masterpiece synth music to show up anywhere in this! "Come To Me" was the theme of Fright Night in both the original in 1985 and sequel in 1988, so a new version would be welcome, but so far we don't know who is doing the score for this remake.

I'm sure most fans though would have enjoyed a Fright Night 3, a sequel featuring the original Charlie Brewster coming back to help a new generation of kids.  Then again, money talks in Hollywood, and remake's are on the rise.

As long as the movie is good and entertaining, and offers something new, then hopefully it should be an interesting result.

Here is the trailer for the original 1985 movie, and some of Brad Fiedel's music.


  1. Colin Farrell isn't even a fraction as cool as Chris Sarandon. My hopes are not high.

  2. i think colin ferrell is as cool as chris sarandon, different generations :)

  3. Why Hollywood takes every vampire movie and turn Into a Marilyn Manson concert- looks like it's going to be like The covenant, Lost Boys remake- Uhgg if they don't use brad fidels - come to me, or remake it like another gaga bubblegum tune it will be such a disappointment! Some things are not meant to be remade-

  4. "You're so COOL Brewster"

  5. The score is being done by Ramin Djawadi, who did Iron Man, and Blade: Trinity. Since he's doing the score, don't expect any synth or any of Brad Fiedel's work being done or remade