Friday, 25 February 2011

Trick Or Treat (1986) - Death By Headphones

This is one my favourites, a classic 1986 horror movie starring some unknowns.  Great music by the band Fastway and featuring an interesting concept.  Sammi Curr is a rock star who comes back from the dead to kill them all, using backmasking and various electricity induced shenanigans.  It features a death by headphones scene in what some would say is the original audio killer! A full year before Corey Haim immortilised the "Death by Stereo" line in The Lost Boys.

It also features Ozzy Osbourne and that old KISS tosser Gene Simmons.  Its Sammi Curr who is the real star of the show.  With campy spandex and big hair, he still manages to kill off many ass holes before being finished off.  Overall, a decent movie thats is apparently getting a remake sometime in the next few years.  The soundtrack is brilliant, Fastway give it some real hard rock old school style.  Only Sammi Curr can make a death by guitar look cool! There should be a whole movie where people get killed off with an electrifying guitar. 

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