Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Harold Faltermeyer - Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack Score (1984)

A classic score for a classic movie. Harold Faltermeyer created an iconic score for this 1984 action comedy starring Eddie Murphy. The funky electro synth instrumentals were featured throughout this movie and inspired countless other imitators throughout the 80s.

The highlights of this unreleased score (as of 2011) are "The Discovery", and the amazing end shootout score, which goes from serious to funky to comedy and back again, all in the space of 10 action packed minutes. Its mind boggling how this score has never been released. Even Serge is probably unimpressed with that!

A youtube user named "msupplies1" has however managed to extract large chunks of the scores for both Beverly Hills Cop and Beverly Hills Cop 2 which is quite amazing and will tide you over until the actual scores are released.  

A true synth master, Faltermeyer made a return in 2010 with "Cop Out", but it remains to be seen whether it is permanent. Let's hope so, because these days, many soundtrack scores are complete and utter rubbish and more synths are required!

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