Sunday, 21 December 2014

Dumb and Dumber To: A Worthy Sequel With Music to Match

So, the Dumb and Dumber sequel by the Farrelly Brothers was released last month, and a few days ago in the UK, and overall it was a worthy sequel.

Some critics were saying this movie was "unfunny" or simply terrible, but the opposite is true. This is a movie made for the fans, with great jokes and some hilarious scenes thrown in to remind you of the first one.

The music in this was surprisingly well done, considering that we live in a completely different landscape of music, technology and culture. The 90s have long gone and today's cynical culture of social media and generally hating on everything meant this movie was never going to satisfy everyone, but for genuine fans it satisfies.
This movie has brief moments were songs from the first movie are played, giving a sense of familiarity to the first movie. Further on, there are several Empire of the Sun songs which work great in this movie, and give it a great memorable sound.

There are no songs in this movie which distract or remove you from the story, and that is the great thing about this movie/soundtrack. It works perfectly.

Would it have been great to have Todd Rundgren return? Probably, but i'm guessing the Farrelly brothers went for a mixture of old and relatively new and it works great.

A great movie with a great soundtrack. Watch it for yourself and don't listen to the critics!

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