Monday, 25 August 2014

Kickboxer Complete Soundtrack & Score Release - Paul Hertzog - Perseverance Records

If you missed out on the previous Soundtrack score release by Perseverance Records a couple of years back, then you can grab this new updated version which now includes all the songs too.

The original release a couple of years back only featured the complete Paul Hertzog score, but this new release now features the entire collection of songs excluding 1 track "I Won't Stay" by Lucinda Ramseur, for which the original masters couldn't be obtained.  This song was on the original German CD release all those years back.

Here is the info from Perseverance Records.
Everything has been remastered and is in pristine high quality.

This release is differentiated simply by a blue coloured front cover, and nothing else. The original release was a red coloured cover.

Product Description

Paul Hertzog
This is the complete soundtrack, containing the original score as heard on our previous release, PLUS 9 of the 10 original songs from the ultimate Jean-Claude Van Damme movie that launched his career. Digitally remastered, with new liner notes by Gergely Hubai that explain in depth the difference between our two Kickboxer albums and the history behind one of the greatest soundtracks of the Eighties.
It features no less than THREE songs by 80's cult icon Stan Bush, as well as the beautiful ballad "Love is the Way", performed by Craig Copeland. This song was originally envisioned for the end titles, but was later dropped in favor of a more action-oriented piece.
We only had access to masters of 9 of the original 10 songs from the German CD. Therefore, the song "I Won't Stay" by Lucinda Ramseur has been omitted.
A special thank you goes out to Paul Hertzog, Stan Bush, Craig Copeland, Mike Piccirillo and David Chackler for making this release possible.
Limited to 3,000 units.

Track Listing
Streets of Siam 3:51 (performed by Stan Bush)
2 To The Hospital/We’ll See 1:15
3 Groceries 1:48
4 Very Stupid 0:45
5 Tai Chi 2:55
6 First Kiss 0:53
7 Stone City 2:33
8 Second Stone 0:52
9 Hospital 2:21
10 Palm Tree 0:30
11 Advanced Training 1:47
12 Ancient Voices 2:07
13 Mylee Is The Way 1:31
14 Warriors 0:44
15 Buddha’s Eagle 1:01
16 Kidnap 1:01
17 You’ve Done It Before 1:45
18 Downstairs 0:54
19 Round One 2:11
20 Round Two 1:36
21 The Hook 1:31
22 Round Three 1:31
23 The Eagle Lands 4:02
24 Never Surrender 4:38 (performed by Stan Bush)
25 Fight for Love 3:22 (performed by Stan Bush)
26 How Do You Keep Me Comin’ Back 3:34 (performed by Terry Wood)
27 Chack’s Stew 3:25 (performed by Jamboxx)
28 Roll with the Punches 3:38 (performed by Michael Logan)
29 Feeling So Good Today 4:12 (performed by Beau Williams)
Bonus Tracks
30 The Eagle Lands (album mix) 4:33
31 Love is the Way (original end title) 5:27 (performed by Craig Copeland)


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