Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Teen Wolf T Shirts - Get Yourself a Stiles T Shirt and don't be a Dicknose

If you love your Teen Wolf (The REAL 1985 one, not the disgraceful modern MTV garbage!) and want to emulate the hero of the movie Stiles, then you must get one of his infamous T Shirts.

The "What are you looking at dicknose" T shirt is a legendary part of motion picture history.

You can get these from a few places online, but only a few have the correct font and lettering done exactly as the original.

This one here from Amazon is a dead on accurate version.

Other Stiles T shirts to look out for include "Life Sucks Then You Die", and "Obnoxious The Movie", along with the hand drawn "Teen Wolf" t shirt that he sells in the movie.  These can be found on ebay amongst other places usually.

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