Monday, 29 August 2011

Ramin Djawadi Fright Night 2011 Soundtrack

The assault on music continues with the genericness of Ramin Djawadi's Fright Night 2011 Score. There is no doubting his talent as a composer, however, this score is full of generic mediocrity and containing none of the original's charm or sexy sleazyness.  A reasonable movie is aided by a rather crappy score. What else did people expect? It all seems very boring and uninspiring.

Full of the standard brass, and generic drones and the same old tired crap that we've heard for the last 16 or so years, frankly, you would be better off listening to traffic noise.

The original featured sleazy synthesizer themes and iconic music, not just the score, but the pop and rock songs actually featured in the movie in key scenes. In this remake, you hear all sorts of ear raping sounds which make you long for a day out train spotting, its that bad.

Considering the original 1985 score has never been released in any format, how this new remake score managed to get released is astonishing.

The only decent thing about the remake is David Tennant, at least Doctor Who got his Hollywood break.

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