Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mummy Calls - Classic Synthpop from the 80s

One of the best and underrated albums of the 80s,  this classic self titled album by Mummy Calls, a British band featuring lead singer David Banks was released in 1987.  A collection of amazing synthpop and power rock, this is one awesome album.

I picked this up more than a decade back, a true classic of British synthpop.  I didn't realise someone had already posted their songs up on youtube, so I decided to write this post to let people know about this great band. 

I can guarantee almost everyone who reads this post will have heard there most famous song at least once in their life. Remember the movie "The Lost Boys" from 1987? Well you might recognise the distinctly British accent vocals of David Banks when the haunting song "Beauty Has Her Way" is heard in the movie.  Quite the masterpiece, this album features that legendary song along with many more classics.

Check out these lost classics.  Never released on CD as far as i'm aware which is a disgrace.

Enjoy these tracks.  Highlights are "Sexual Desire", "Kiss Me", "Deadly Night" and "In The Darkness".

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  1. Lovely Mummy Calls MP3's, mastered from the vinyl...

    Check out the facebook page of many Mummy Calls photo's and gossip. Enjoy amigo!